What is Bunkclub?

Bunkclub shortly said a minecraft server, but we don't think it deserves this short description because it is way more.
Bunkclub is a portal where you can play minecraft the way you like, from being a creative builders to pvp warlord.
But in that everyone is equal while you earn the same tokens which you can spend to progress on your own play style or to adventure new ways to play on the server!

How does Bunkclub work?

Once you log into the server you are spawned in the main hub where you get your basic tools to travel around the server. You can roam where you want, it is home made and waiting to be explored.

On the server it is possible to go in three main directions; creative, survival and games. each of them customized for them to have an unique feel.

More information!

Sign up to this website to communicate with the community and signing in for events that might occur!
Ofcourse the server staff are gamers themself the server is build with that in mind.

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